The Tunnel and the Lie

It was the biggest escape in the history of the Berlin Wall: in one night of October 1964, 57 East-Berliners try their luck through a tunnel into West Berlin.  For months prior, escape agents had worked on digging out the tunnel – but it came to a tragic end. A documentary about the soldier Egon Schultz and a Cold War lie. 


Documentary, Germany 2001,
50 minutes
Writer / Director: Britta Wauer
DOP: Randa Chahoud
Editor: Berthold Baule
Creative Producer: Claudia Bissinger
TV Editors: Selina Riefenstahl, Dieter Zimmer
Producer: Tanja Ziegler, Ziegler Film
Broadcaster: ARTE/ZDF


2001 New Generation Grant Prize
German Television Prize
2001 Special Mention
Axel Springer Prize
2002 Nomination
Prix Italia
2002 Platinum Award
Worldfest Houston


This film was made for French-German television. There is no official DVD release. If you are interested in watching "A Hero’s Death", please write us an e-mail and ask for a screener. We have a version with English subtitles.

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